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Is your relationship connection breaking down? Are you having difficulty explaining or expressing yourself? Do you often feel like you and your partner miss each other’s meaning or intent when talking? Do you find yourself or hear your partner say things like, “that’s not what I meant”? Perhaps some help expressing yourself and understanding what your partner is saying is needed. 

Is there an affair, or obsession (sex, work, alcohol) causing conflict? Would you benefit from enhancing the intimate side of your relationship, perhaps learning something new? 

Are you having difficulties with orientation, identity or past sexual trauma and need a safe place to talk? 

Resolving conflicts in intimate relationships is a specialized field of therapy. As a Couple and Family Therapist, I am specially trained to help individuals, couples and families make meaningful changes around personal work issues. 
When you need a different perspective and help to build the life you want, call a relationship specialist. 
Helping couples to express themselves, and understand each other. Helping couples to re-connect and evaluate their connectedness and life direction and make the changes needed to feel better. 

Specializing in:

relationship enhancement

conflict resolution



family of origin

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