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Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time


Since 1997 I have been counselling individuals, couples and families to create change and face the challenges that life brings.   No one is more expert on your life than you, but sometimes you need help. Perhaps you need a new perspective, are struggling with some life puzzles or are searching for some clues on how to move your life forward. 

Clear support and advice in a safe and comfortable environment is what family therapy is all about. A place where you can talk and be heard without judgement. Where personal, relationship and work issues are a specialty. Where everyone is welcomed.   When life starts to feel too complex, a simple request for help and new ideas can be the start of some real world solutions. 

Working with the ordinary and out of the ordinary problems .  My interest is in creating therapeutic conversations which consider alternate perspectives and help to generate new ideas and possibilities. I am dedicated to using and developing collaborative and non-pathologizing ways of working with people.

Counselling individuals, couples and families who face a variety of problems and life challenges. Specializing in the ordinary and out of the ordinary problems.

The following is intended as a general guide to some presenting problems I have experience working with:

Couples conflict, differences, and changing life stage, Affairs and transgressions, Difficult or strained relationships (adolescents, adult children, aging parents, friends), Parenting, Work life stress and conflict, Sexual worries, Anxiety, stress and angst, Life transitions, unexpected life changes, Loss and sadness, Trauma, Assertiveness, Gender identity, Queer, Trans, Gay, Poly and Kink friendly

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